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Our Motto

Atrangi Duniya is a registered non-profit organization that works for the welfare of animals through the medium of humane and animal welfare education. Our efforts enable us to significantly influence school students to develop empathy towards people, compassion towards animals and care for the natural world so that they can make a difference and bring about a positive change.

Unlike other animal welfare organizations that run animal shelters and veterinary hospitals, we are the only full-service provider of humane education in New Delhi, India. Though we are based in Noida, our long-term project – “Compassionate Classrooms”, allows us take humane education into classrooms all over India through school textbooks. Here, we work along with educational boards like Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and state educational boards.

On a day-to-day basis, we conduct humane education workshops in schools and make presentations in colleges. Our Animal Helpline offers counseling to pet owners and helps coordinate rescue operations so as to bring help to distressed animals in the fastest possible time. We offer services at no cost to Government schools and non-profit agencies.

Our Programs

In today’s fast moving Internet world, children, especially in urban settings, have limited opportunities to connect with the natural environment. We provide that bridge through our humane education programs, by including a nature walk to a forest in the vicinity of the school.

There are a few days in the year, when we are able to fully dedicate, celebrate and revel in the magnificence of our planet, our environment and the plethora of life that exists upon it. Along with this, these days are used as a platform to spread awareness on multiple issues that are harming the environment and causing life forms to suffer unnecessary pain.

This program provides wonderful platform to sensitize school children about the importance of animals and the need for a clean environment in our everyday lives, and its inter-dependency on all living beings, on this planet.

The aim of this programs is to sow seeds of empathy towards people, compassion towards animals and a respect for the environment.

This program introduces humane education contents into school textbooks that are either republished or are newly published by the various central and state educational boards in India.

Importance of NGOs in Animals Welfare

There have been multiple incidents in the past where the animals have brutally been tortured and manhandled. There have also been instances where the ill and the injured stray animals have had no recourse but to resort to their fate and live in dire conditions. With the onset of the pandemic and the lockdowns, many stray animals were left on their own; the little food that they were previously receiving from shops and restaurants was now lost. They were left with no food and a lack of medical care, with restrictions on movement on the local feeders. It is during such situations that registered and recognized NGOs play a vital role in animal welfare.

Primary Functions for Animals Welfare

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