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Atrangi Duniya is one of the leading non-profit organizations which works towards the objective of serving the underprivileged elderly community in the rural and urban areas. Established with the purpose of providing dignity, physical, emotional and mental well-being to the elderly population, Atrangi Duniya has collaborated with several recognized and lesser-known charity homes who work towards the welfare of the elderly.
In recent years, we have undergone to the numerous change where we have seen the rapid rise of nuclear families. There is a significant transformation of culture, social and psychology. With these complications of life and changing environment, the elder people in the society are facing difficulties to live peacefully. The home support for elderly people has become a responsibility of the society where we have seen the rise of old age NGO in the country and to cater their essential healthcare needs is the prior task.

We make a difference

Our organization aims at making a difference in the lives of elderly people. We use different approaches and thought processes as we work towards catering the needs of the elderly. We believe in providing basic means of survival to our elderly population and upgrade their lives. Atrangi Duniya envisions a better and brighter future for senior citizens who have complex needs. Dignifying their life’s second innings by making them independent and productive, we completely understand the basic necessities required by the elderly.

Creating a positive environment through recreational activities like yoga, meditation and support groups is an effective way to free the mind and relieve it from the feelings of isolation and depression. Our organization provides financial assistance and recognizes the talent or skill of individuals to help them get dignified jobs relevant for them. Our aim is to facilitate an opportunity for the elderly so that they can continue to live their remaining lives independently.

Our aims to bridge this huge gap that exists between the willing caregivers and takers in the world. We strive to comprehend and analyze the needs of different individuals by connecting them with the right authority. The needs range from elementary aspects such as providing glasses, hearing aids, dentures to getting advanced medical help for diseases like Alzheimer and Dementia.

What We Do

The greatest and probably the most severe side-effect of old age for those elders living in an old home away from their loved ones becomes isolation from society or loneliness. Living in a completely separate place, marked from them away from the normal worldliness of their routine lives from earlier, inculcates in them a feeling of being left out and unloved by their friends, families and society as a whole. This often leads to them leading miserable lives in a sought of unnamed zone, which affects their self-esteem and happiness in an adverse manner. This is a big issue these days as dearth of time for our own loved ones in this fast-paced era is a vital concern that has not really been resolved thus far.

We duly acknowledges this problem and has developed some functional programs to deal with it gradually and without overwhelming them all of sudden. We organize a lot of group activities centered around keeping the senior people busy and cheerful and our periodic visits help to bring more normalcy in their lives and overall environment. We involve them varied things and also get our partners to teach them some interesting skills so as to be able to keep busy and happy. From celebrating festivals to birthdays etc., we make them feel valued and loved and endeavor to revive their sense of belonging in the society.

While old age comes with a number of physical problems, there are many psychological issues which the elderly deal with. Mental health issues like depression, hyper-anxiety lead to severe diseases like Alzheimer and dementia. Even certain inferiority complexes and insecurities due to one’s age also affect people during this phase.

Such psychological concerns are equally threatening as it is widely known that only a healthy mind makes a healthy body, and in turn, a healthy soul. At Atrangi Duniya, we are extremely attentive to such underlying issues that are often easily neglected.

We offer a loving, supportive and caring environment for the elderly people at old age homes, providing them with the chance to talk their hearts out through support groups and inspiring interactive sessions. Apart from this, we organize yoga and meditation classes by professionals to help them cheer up while adopting a healthy routine.

Senior citizens who live on their own in charity homes are often deprived of the protective care of their families. Financial stability and independence are the two most crucial things for the people in their old age. Being financially self-sufficient makes individuals better equipped to handle their physiological and physical needs. At Atrangi Duniya, we aim at making an unconventional standpoint and do not believe in such a thing as ‘appropriate age to work’.

We strongly believe that those who have the energy, zeal and skill to work and earn a livelihood for themselves at any stage in life must be encouraged and given a fair chance and a suitable opportunity. Be it in farming, knitting, sewing or any other office-related skill, we make our best efforts in building fruitful associations with influential individuals and entities alike to create apt employment roles for those who are deserving and willing. Resolving one’s financial woes through dignified means can be a beautiful gift to all the elderly, helping them to cherish their remaining years.

Ageing is inevitable as everyone has to go through this phase. With old age, one’s body goes through numerous changes which include several major-minor physical deformities, and starts deteriorating due to age. We, at Atrangi Duniya, understand that while having the basic necessities i.e. food, water, shelter is a must for every individual, it is equally important for an older person to have proper treatment and care for physical deformities to lead a good life.

Our organization focuses more on the specific needs of particular people at a particular time at a selected charity home. From providing sight and hearing aid to dentures and aid for disabilities, we take care of it all from time to time. This is what makes us different from other NGOs who are involved in similar charity work.

Importance of the old age NGO in India

When a person becomes old then they tend to suffer mental illness and gradual weakness in the body. They are less aware of these mental and physical illness due to the lack of knowledge and information about the health problems as they are not being provided with proper healthcare needs. Thus to provide them with the proper health care treatments and medicines NGO is working effectively across the country Although, unfortunately, these disparities are seen in the urban and developed regions where being aware of their fundamental right and knowledge they are turning face from their responsibilities. Due to which the need of old age NGO is significantly increasing in the whole country. Be it medicines, food, treatment and many more, required for their care is given here with utmost satisfaction, comfort and happiness which they need most. The people working here, are wholly committed for their health and other requirements

Healthcare treatment for elderly people

A gradual increase of nuclear family has resulted in the decline in homes for our elderly people. The top NGOs for senior citizen has taken charge of providing our elderly with the proper healthcare and treatment. They are working through their various health care programs and activities in carving out space for the senior citizens in the country.

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