Sports denotes to the physical bodily process generally entailing skill of competitive nature. In this activity an individual or group is often position parallel against another for entertainment.

The ideal virtue of sports edifies everybody to attain the will to win. If you are aware about how to acquire the will you will flourish in every aspect of life. Life is full of scramble initiated since the cosmos of the world. However a perpetual and prominent fight must help you to surmount every hardship against any obstacle. The readiness of a sportsman is enhanced by winning of game. Relatively a weak willed man relinquishes himself after one defeat. A weak willed man is perceived as the fellow of cowards. But a true sports man in spite of defeat focuses on toning his nerve. He always retrieves that failure is the pole of success. Thus great endeavors with strong assertiveness help you to win any game. An ideal sportsman is vigilant about his team spirit that stabilizes the will power of team. Unity in action and genuine exertion surely renders you victory.

What we do

Sport is increasingly being viewed by the society in general and young people in particular as a tool to achieve personal and community development objectives. Government and non-government agencies, at national as well as international level, are incorporating it in their strategies to address humanitarian and development work. Sport is also being adopted as a part of corporate social.

For us at Atrangi Duniya, sport is an employment-enhancing vocational skill which can contribute to eradicating extreme hunger and poverty; promoting education, gender equality and empowering youth.

We provide a platform where youngsters from disadvantaged sections of the society get a chance to showcase their talent in sports and foster it as a mean of livelihood. We attempt to teach them the importance of character and personality building.


Participation in sports not only ascertains sound health but also fresh mind, freeness and freedom. A lazy book worms cannot thrive in life, of course can effectualize in educational field. Regular involvement in sports renders energies. Physical precision no doubt is imperative to every person whether he is a student or worker or intellectual. It is the epitome of great appreciation that in India the wave of sports has stabilized the mentality of young blood.

We strongly believe that sports is a very effective tool for the overall development of the children. We wish to use sports to make a healthy future generation. Atrangi Duniya working in the area of promotion of sports among underprivileged children. We organize annual sports meet in which around 1500 underprivileged children participates from different NGOs along with employees from our partner corporate. We promote sports as a preferred CSR activity for the corporates. Our annual sports meet is an athletic meet for underprivileged children from other NGOs.

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Working towards bright, equitable and just future by enabling youth children climb the stair of success.


Sport is a cost-efficient tool which can help in making the world a better place. Our vision is to use sports to make youth, especially the underprivileged.


Securing a meaningful life for the underprivileged youth and children via sports, and in the process, reaping India’s inherent demographic potential and making her a sporting superpower.