Dream Girl Foundation

Dream Girl Foundation is a non-profit making organisation which works hard for the upliftment and betterment of the girls. We focus on improving the lives of girls by providing them education, shelter and clothing across the country. Our organization takes proper care of the girls and tries to make their lives better. We believe that education is one of the most important mediums that help in developing the country. Our NGO provides quality education to all the underprivileged girls so as to enhance their standard of living.

We leave no stone unturned to give a better tomorrow to the girl child. Our NGO also gives importance to health part and provide medical help to the girls. We are supported by a team of teachers, doctors, trainers and other volunteers, who help us in providing the facilities to the underprivileged girls. They work with the aim to attain success of every project. Our endeavour is to reach and help the underprivileged girls to assure a better future to them.

Mission Statement

We work with young women, ages 11-18 from underserved communities where domestic violence is prevalent, to help them discover paths that will lead them to become college educated and, ultimately, becoming successful entrepreneurs. Our goal is to foster self-awareness, self-confidence, and imbue these young women with a keen sense of business acumen through mentoring, workshops, scholarships, and providing the requisite resources for them to succeed. Our foundation will be a constant reminder to these girls that their dream is possible and we pledge to give them the tools they need to “press play” on their dreams.

Short Description

Although we are a relatively young foundation established in 2012, we have made a massive impact in our community, helping young girls with access to sponsorships and career opportunities. We have implemented our programs in the lives of many deserving girls that have helped them land scholarships and even launch their own businesses. Our biggest success is our annual Dream Big Experience event, it is a three-day motivation networking event that helps connect, grow and inspire dreamers across the country! We have over 500+ attendees and a social media presence of over 25k. We are in our fifth year of producing this event and we are excited to see the outreach and how many lives we can touch with our wor over the years.

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